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Food and drink packaging and marketi
luxury hotel marketing
Arts and music marketing

What we'll do

Help you to think about your business or project, define your market proposition, identify key benefits which will resonate with your target markets and brand persona.


Think like your customers, making sure that your communications in any media magnetise your audience to your message.


Invigorate your relationships with existing customers and drive new ones to your business or project.


Understanding what makes you and your business tick, we’ll help you stake out a distinctive and profitable place in the world


 “Marketing our distillery visitor centres is a key revenue stream for Diageo, over the past 17 years Phil and Pelican Design have been responsible for the delivery of all of our print items each year (over 1 million on average) negotiating with each of the 12 distilleries to deliver a standard corporate look and feel to our marketing.


Our market has increased dramatically over the years and we now have over 3 million visitors every year”

Linda Mellis, Marketing Manager, Distillery Visitor Centres

Market Sectors
  • Food & Drink

  • Hospitality

  • Tourism

  • Arts & Music

  • Construction

  • Architectural

  • Public Sector

  • Oil & Gas

  • Engineering

  • Fashion

  • Fire & Security

  • Manufacturing


Phil Slater

07563 770981

Kintail House

Beechwood Business Park



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