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About us

Phil Slater is an experienced Marketing/Managing Director, founding Pelican Design in 1990 and moving on to be a Director for several existing and start-up companies, including Ecoenvelope, an innovative new build system aimed at architects and developers.


This real world marketing background brings huge advantages over the usual ‘agency’ mentality, where most have only ever worked in the creative industries. Effective management of creative and technical teams ensures that your budget is spent for maximum return on investment.

CASE STUDY - Albyn Housing Society

 “As a public sector organisation we need to communicate a range of messages to our clients and our funders, Phil and Pelican Design have delivered creative design and marketing solutions over the past 20 years.


Forming a relationship with a design agency who listen to you as company and are in tune with your markets is key to developing our presence as a large regional housing association


Calum Macaulay, Chief Executive

Market Sectors
  • Food & Drink

  • Hospitality

  • Tourism

  • Arts & Music

  • Construction

  • Architectural

  • Public Sector

  • Oil & Gas

  • Engineering

  • Fashion

  • Fire & Security

  • Manufacturing


Phil Slater

07563 770981

Kintail House

Beechwood Business Park



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